It’s Now Time for a Management Age

People will use the term “age”
to highlight a time in history
of significance.

We named ages: hunting, stone,
gathering, bronze, iron, agriculture,
industrial; plus

technical, scientific;
then ignore human management; it’s
the one common core.

And that may be the problem.
It’s so prevalent, we don’t see it;
just the way it is.

The patterns of behavior
people systemize become the way
they manage in life.

Yet the good and evil seen
are management outcomes we can change
or keep on doing.

While claiming to want peace, we
retain tribalism, empire,
corruption, violence,

crime and injustice,
and then resist management systems
to make peace happen.

We add labels to evade
management blame for what cultures of
“we the people” do.

Human choice, in every age
of humanity, always impacts
all life on this Earth.

Looking carefully, we’d see
it’s now time for A Management Age
to do just good work,

by designing management
systems so all may have improving
qualities of life.

About Larry Smith

Larry Smith is Principal of The LeaderShip. He is a presidential-award winning chamber of commerce CEO (for finding innovative solutions to public problems), a teacher/facilitator in organization management, and Editor of a quality- and systems-thinking management journal.
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