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It can often be helpful to people when they decide what they really want to work for, decide together how to achieve it and then work on it, checking in to know how well they’re doing, and making necessary corrections. I enjoyed reading this article in Yes! Magazine 

What a Society Designed for Well-Being Looks Like

Economic justice goes a long way toward improving mental health up and down the socioeconomic ladder…

…got me thinking about us in society: managers, leaders, and followers of the business, economic, social, and government systems that we the people live, profit, and die in. How is it that we believe that designing social systems for well-being or peace is almost always unaffordable but designing systems for war or police or prison is always necessary and affordable? I wonder about the logic, especially since the supposedly deciding factor–money–is actually–100%–an invented artificial resource where quantity is not in any real way scarce or limited.

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Larry Smith is Principal of The LeaderShip. He is a presidential-award winning chamber of commerce CEO (for finding innovative solutions to public problems), a teacher/facilitator in organization management, and Editor of a quality- and systems-thinking management journal.
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